MVVA’s forest-inspired waterfront park features Structura.

Harbourfront Centre, the heart of Toronto’s waterfront, has undergone an extensive site transformation, creating new public spaces and amenities for the central waterfront site. The surface between York Quay Centre and Queen’s Quay Terminal now features two forest-inspired public spaces; Ontario Square and Canada Square plus a new outdoor exhibition venue and marketplace.

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates nestled Structura’s wood poles fitted with Selux Olivio heads into the landscape with 41 dawn redwoods to frame views of the waterfront.

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Images: Light Monkey Photography

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Urban Intervention in the Kansas City Crossroads

Structura, in collaboration with Confluence Landscape Architecture designed, created Kansas City’s first “Parklet” in the Crossroads Arts District.  It was unveiled in time for the Crossroads June First Friday street festival. The parklet is designed as an urban intervention, transforming on-street parking into a vibrant pedestrian amenity. 

With less than a week since the installation, Structura and Confluence have already received numerous requests for installations in Kansas City and beyond.


Two vertical faces of each bench are made of irregular blocks cut from Structura’s manufacturing wood waste.  Remaining bench and deck wood is Accoya Wood southern yellow pine test material which had no commercial use but will last a very long time. 


Since no electrical grid power can be connected, Structura’s MAC II solar bollard was installed.  It provides illumination to the parklet, vegetation, and the sidewalk.  Sedums trays, typically used for green roofs, offer low maintenance color and texture.


The installation coincided with June’s First Friday event and Saturday’s Crossroads Fashion Show where it was used for VIP seating.



Confluence and Structura fabricated the parklet offsite at Structura’s facility.  Designed as a modular system, it was flat packed on a trailer and installed on site in under three hours.

If you would like to learn more, go to the Confluence + Structura parklet website.

Kansas City’s first Parklet

For decades cities were designed for cars and parking, reducing space on streets for walking and other pedestrian activities.  Green space was replaced with concrete.  Urban planners are slowly bringing green space back to the urban core, making them more pedestrian friendly but at the cost of time, money, and infrastructure.  Parklets offer an semi-permanent alternative.

Structura and Confluence Landscape Architecture have teamed up to design and build Kansas City’s first Parklet in the Crossroads Arts District of the urban core slated to be installed for June’s First Friday Event.  Parklets are small urban spaces that become an extension of a sidewalk, providing green space, and a place to sit, occupying what would otherwise be a parking space.  They are typically seen as permanent structures but are easily installed and relocated if necessary without permanent damage to the street or curbs.